Facebook Live Fashion Show! 9/18/20

Facebook Live Fashion Show! 9/18/20

Are you ready for another Facebook live fashion show!?

This Friday September 18, 2020 - we will be hosting another yet fabulous Facebook live fashion show!

The fashion show will start at 1pm and roughly last about an hour!

We will have 1-2 live models throughout the show so you can see how certain pieces drape beautifully on the body.

If you can't make the show at 1pm - do not worry. You can view the show at any time of any day after! Just copy and paste the link below into your web browser.


We have more Dress to Fall trickling in all week on the site. . . so do not miss out on these beautiful pieces - as we only have a limited amount of fabric for production.

Have any questions?

Please feel free to contact me at : alyssa.layeredstyle@gmail.com

Enjoy the show! Grab a pen and paper if you want to take notes.

We appreciate each and every single one of you during these hard times - I, Alyssa, can not wait till I can get back on the road again and see each and everyone of you!

Everyone stay safe... stay healthy.

<3 <3 <3

- Alyssa

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